Precision V-Clamp IV (Patented)

The Infusion Set Regulating Clamp by Adelberg

   Healthy Clamp

The Precision V-Clamp provides superior control of flow rate. Other clamps on administration sets need frequent attention and care. This permits the nurse to devote her valuable time to functions more important than readjusting the clamp. The patient benefits by minimization of his exposure to excessive or sub-marginal flow rates. A nurse should check her patients in accordance with the rules of accepted practice, not in accordance with the physical properties of plastic tubing. The Precision V-Clamp, an out-growth of space age research, is designed to provide much more uniform flow rates.



"A New Even-Flow Intravenous Infusion Clamp" - American Medical Assn ; (PDF; 800k)

"Flow rate maintenance and output intravenous fluid admistration sets" - American Society of Hostpital Pharmacists
(PDF; 2.5MB)

"Drug-Related Death Among Medical Impatients" - Published by Amercian Medical Assn ; (PDF; 937K)

"Evaluation of Piggyback Administration Sets" - American Medical Assn ; (PDF; 2.29MB)


Adelberg  Precision V-Clamp

Over 4,300,000,000 Sold!

Currently used on 1/3 of the World's Market

Patents Issued and Pending

Improves Level of Health Care

  • Uniform Flow Rate
  • Resistant to Tugs
  • Insensitive to Thumb Pressure
  • Documented Superiority

Latest Features

20% Lower Cost
Wheel Assembled with Housing
Improved Tube Holder

How does it work?

Standard clamps gently pinch the PVC tubing forming two lumens at either side. Plastic “cold flow” then proceeds to cause these lumens to collapse and thereby reduce the flow rate. The Precision V-Clamp firmly pinches closed both edges of the tubing and permits the center portion of the tubing to be suspended at it’s original curvature, thereby reducing “cold flow”. Raised elements on the housing clamping surface and shoulders are added to the wheel to improve tug resistance and flow rate stability. High Pressure shut-off is built in. Tailored raised elements provide a combination of gentle improved grip at the center, yet a firmer grip at the outer edges for better tug resistance.




Stessa ottima prestazione

  • Flusso uniforme
  • Presa sul tubo migliore

Prezzo piú basso
Precisione di controllo migliore
Rotella assemblata sul roller


Gleiche Aüsgezeichnete Leistung

  • Konstante Flußrate
  • Verbesserter Griff am Schlauch

Niedrigerer Preis
Länger der Regelstrike
Rolle im Gehäuse montiert


Même excellentes performances

  • Débit constant
  • Prise sur le tube améliorée

Prix compétitif
Précision de controle améliorée
Roulette asseemblée sur la rampe


Prestaciones igualmente excelentes

  • Flujo uniforme
  • Mejor agarre sobre el tubo

Precio más bajo
Recorrido de regulación más largo
Rueda ensamblada en al alojamiento




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